The Preppy Texan September #TxYourPrep Giveaway

**Instagram Giveaway** Need some help getting prepped for fall? How about a prize-pack valued at over $300 that includes: a @Criquetshirts Sweater & Shirt, and a @ArnoldSteiner accessory pack (neck tie, bow-tie, & 2 pocket squares). To enter do these three things on instagram: Follow @thepreppytexan, @arnoldsteiner and @criquetshirts (must be following all three at … Continue reading The Preppy Texan September #TxYourPrep Giveaway

Who we are

Life tends to happen as we are either doing one of two things. forcing something to happen (or) watching it all pass by Either way, life still happens.  It doesn’t stop and let you strap up your boots tighter, it doesn’t wait for you to get your shit together and prepare, it keeps on. Ive … Continue reading Who we are

On the hunt…

As the summer days dwindle down on the calendar and we turn our eyes toward fall (as all hopeful as they may be for that COOLER WEATHER) I am reminded by the strong bounty that fall always brings. The early morning hunts, the late afternoon brisk air, the strong wind that blows through the pastures … Continue reading On the hunt…

A Ride Through Life

**AS SEEN ON THEGULFCOASTSPORTSMAN.COM When I was 15 I went to my father one night and started the dreaded dialogue of “can you buy me my first car?” The conversations lasted about four to six months and they were filled with every profound reason a soon-to-be 16-year-old male needed a 1977-1983 Toyota FJ40 LandCruiser. I … Continue reading A Ride Through Life