Randolph Engineering

****Giveaway****Giveaway****Giveaway****Giveaway****Giveaway**** Want to win your choice of 4 pairs of Randolph Sunglasses?  Keep reading… Trends come and go, but true quality and classic style are here to stay. We’ve seen it over and over, the incoming trends, the next big thing paving the way for the influx and onslaught of what we are told to … Continue reading Randolph Engineering

The Preppy Texan September #TxYourPrep Giveaway

**Instagram Giveaway** Need some help getting prepped for fall? How about a prize-pack valued at over $300 that includes: a @Criquetshirts Sweater & Shirt, and a @ArnoldSteiner accessory pack (neck tie, bow-tie, & 2 pocket squares). To enter do these three things on instagram: Follow @thepreppytexan, @arnoldsteiner and @criquetshirts (must be following all three at … Continue reading The Preppy Texan September #TxYourPrep Giveaway