Randolph Engineering

****Giveaway****Giveaway****Giveaway****Giveaway****Giveaway**** Want to win your choice of 4 pairs of Randolph Sunglasses?  Keep reading… Trends come and go, but true quality and classic style are here to stay. We’ve seen it over and over, the incoming trends, the next big thing paving the way for the influx and onslaught of what we are told to … Continue reading Randolph Engineering

Boat Shoe weather

Ohhhh, the serene feel of leather on your feet, the salt in your hair, the sun on your skin…its beginning to feel like boat shoe weather again. Now in Texas, an argument can be made that that’s year around weather, and that’s nearly true, but in other parts of the great US of A, the … Continue reading Boat Shoe weather