Randolph Engineering

****Giveaway****Giveaway****Giveaway****Giveaway****Giveaway**** Want to win your choice of 4 pairs of Randolph Sunglasses?  Keep reading… Trends come and go, but true quality and classic style are here to stay. We’ve seen it over and over, the incoming trends, the next big thing paving the way for the influx and onslaught of what we are told to … Continue reading Randolph Engineering

Kitties and Beer

Everyone loves a little kitty, I mean who doesn’t love petting a little sweet kitty?  Grab a cold one and just hold and pet that little thing. Slim Fit Criquet Players shirt…cant say enough good things about it.  Quality made, great tailored fit, killer colors and classic style. They are lightweight and yet still hold … Continue reading Kitties and Beer


Over the past few months I have been able to come into contact with some really great people who all have a common tie…they have have or had an affiliation with the military and served their country.  All in various capacities and duties, but all had that common bond.  Whether they were the widow of … Continue reading #TodayIRanForThem